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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need a rope?

There are things that we do, and say, and believe that simply...are...not...true. False paradigms molded from the extremities of our life experiences...some we were taught and some we made up ourselves, to make sense and survive pain. We have survival instincts on all levels...emotional, physical and spiritual...which is obviously a good thing. However, we can also get stuck there, continuing in a cycle of surviving rather thriving or fully living. These false beliefs and paradigms come with behaviors and choices that have become our "survival strategies". Over time, these become our "knee jerk" reactions to life and experiences, inevitably working against us rather than in our favor, creating the very pain we're attempting to avoid.

Sound familiar? If you answered "no", then one of your survival strategies may be denial. *grin* Seriously one is exempt from the human condition, regardless of how deeply buried in our subconscious it may be. In fact, it's usually not until that pain outweighs the pain we're avoiding, that we finally wave the white flag and surrender to our healing.

And we can heal! We CAN! We can stop the madness...and we will, when we're willing. True, we probably won't get far employing the same strategies we've used thus far, (false beliefs and paradigms), and we may not know what to replace them with, but we can ask for help. We can stop being right about what's wrong and get a second opinion; a different perspective; a second pair of eyes to see what we can't see. Someone we trust to be honest and objective, who can guide us when we get off track, or throw us a rope when we fall in a hole...and hold it steady on the other end while we pull ourselves up. There's no shame in not knowing what we don't know. We can ask for support...and we can get it.

So when you feel stuck, or that "something's missing", or you don't understand why painful patterns keep repeating themselves...or you DO understand, but you don't know how to stop the cycle; or you feel angry, scared, lost, or hurt; unloved or unworthy, not good enough, unmotivated, out of balance, or just generally "not in your true skin"...maybe it's time to grab the rope? Not to hang yourself, silly...but to let someone help you pull yourself up.

There's always help, there's always hope, there's always a choice...and we're never alone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time and Money...Got Enough?

Next time you hear yourself saying, "I don't have time to..." or  "I don't have enough money for....",  stop and ask yourself, "Hey that really true? Do I really not have enough time or money? Or is the real truth that I just don't want to spend my time or money on...?

If we're willing to be completely honest, we'll find the latter is almost always true. If you're arguing with me in your head right now, then ask yourself, "Okay, much money did I spend at Starbucks and eating out last week? Or at that great sale this weekend? And tell me again how much time I played on Facebook this morning? Wow...that much!"

The reality is, we'll always, always, always find the means to do those things we want to do, (especially our habits and compulsions) but we'll use the excuse of LACK if we're apprehensive, not interested, not ready, not sure how, or not comfortable simply saying "No." Which is quite unfortunate, considering we're creating constantly and therefore, calling more and more lack unto us, each and every time we affirm that we "don't have enough" of anything!

So, next time you hear yourself using lack as an excuse, get HONEST! Shift the "I don't have..." to "I'm not willing...", "I don't choose to...", or simply, "No, thank you." and you'll not only stop the cycle of lack, empowering yourself (and others) with integrity, but you'll recognize very soon if your choices, energy, and intention are aligned with your true values.

Go ahead...try it! And let me know how it goes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Get Your SHIFT Together!

SHIFT HAPPENS...and it's happening RIGHT NOW!

We are experiencing a phenomenal shift in consciousness on our planet...a true time of change and growth or us all. What an honor to be here at this time and place of such Divine transformation !

The Release & Renew Weekend Intensive offers us the opportunity to engage in the process (the shift) in a powerful way...right here, right NOW! To use the energy available to release Self-limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in patterns of disbelief, discouragement, fear and bitterness, and embrace a new way of being...a TRUE way of being!

This is an invitation and a call to action! When we heal within, we heal each other, and peace is restored in our world.

Join us February 18-20th for the:

 Release & Renew Weekend Intensive

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Friday, January 14, 2011

When It's Time to Let Go

When we have to let go of someone we love, it hurts. Whether that is through separation or death, we all go through the same grieving process: Denial, anger, bargaining, sadness/despair, and finally acceptance. No one is exempt from it...NO ONE. It's healthy, normal, expected, and needed. It's what heals us. Each stage serves a purpose in our recovery, and understanding what's happening to us, helps. Nothing can make the pain stop except time, so attempting to fill the void with substance or human flesh only prolongs it. Yes, we need support and we sometimes need comfort, but we need these through the process, not instead of it. 

Over time, I've been surprised by how many people are unaware of the process of grief. I've had clients who've been previously diagnosed with depression that medication didn’t relieve. It may have taken the edge off, but they were like dry-drunks...all the symptoms still very much in tact, but without the ability to express them. If you believe you’re depressed, I encourage you to explore grief counseling before heading to your doctor for meds. It's not always obvious.

Each phase of grief is preparing our psyche to accept the loss, which we resist because we have to pass through the depths of sorrow to get there. Therefore, these stages also serve as a buffer until we're ready. If we take this process gently, allowing ourselves (and others) time to move through it organically, it will take us all the way through and we WILL see light again. Knowing the process helps, so here are the stages as I understand them. I will use the context of a relationship ending:

Denial: This may appear as a "deer in the headlights" response; shock; exasperation; pretending it's not happening and acting/communicating as if the relationship is still in tact; fantasy thinking; an inability to see our part or take responsibility. Sometimes denial can extend into unhealthy behaviors such as obsessing, excessive communication, poor boundaries, possessiveness, and even stalking. It's important to get support if you find yourself slipping into any of these feelings or behaviors. 

Anger: When the denial begins to wear off and we can feel the sting of our loss/rejection/pain, we don't like it! Our anger is an attempt to stop it, control it, or push it out of our experience. For those who are uncomfortable with anger, it may show up as passive/aggressive blame, shaming, or revenge, while others may express full blown rage. Either way, it's a temper-tantrum on the inside that sometimes leaks out onto others. We will turn flips to justify it, only temporarily protecting our hurt, eventually feeling the pain anyway. This too shall pass. Just breaaaaathe…and correct as needed.

Bargaining: The bargaining phase has many faces. I call it the "questioning" phase, because through it, we question EVERYTHING, especially ourselves. We might feel desperate, needy, confused, guilty, afraid, blaming, accusing, regretful, frantic, obsessive, crazy...and we'll go back and pick up anger and denial, too. We constantly ponder the "what ifs, only ifs, maybe ifs, should'ves, could'ves, would'ves, and whys". We're looking for logic to our pain. We go over it again and again. We ask what we did, and what we could have done different. We've wrapped ourselves around the legs of our loss like a pleading child, begging "Whyyyyyyy?" We're attempting to find anything that might possibly prevent the inevitable...the letting go. Bargaining is our way of negotiating with fate. It's exhausting and incorrigible...and futile.

Sadness/despair: This is it. This is what we've been attempting to avoid...the true sadness of our loss. Once we've kicked and screamed and pushed against reality, we lay exhausted in a heap on the floor, literally or figuratively. We have no choice but to surrender and allow it to move through us. The tears are not sporadic as they were before, but deep, guttural, and unyielding. We wail. We scream. We feel anguish in our bones. There's no sense of time or space, or logic. We just are. We unfold in that depth of ourselves and open to our humanness...raw and fragile and strong. We. Are. Real. We bleed. We breathe. We hurt. We nurture and we nourish. We love. And we grieve. That's all there is to it. 

Acceptance: Acceptance isn't a sad state of resignation or an Eyore kind of "nothing I can do about it". Acceptance is the clear, precise awareness of what is. Reality is no longer deniable, nor does it conjure up feelings of anger or regret. It is not joyful or exciting either. It's neutral. It's peaceful. It's quiet. It's a gentle, unopened feeling of relief. It allows us to go on with life and love. Our memories don't hurt any longer and will soon even bring us joy. We don't feel guilty when we're happy, or lost when we're alone. We will sometimes still cry, but we don't fight it because it helps us remember that we're alive and loved...and can love again.

So that's it. That's grief in all its glory. It's a beautiful, cleansing, healing process in its own right. It's organic and healthy, and every single human being experiences it. It can be subtle and happen in a moment, or it can be full-on and take days, weeks, months or years, depending on the depth of loss or change in our life. Some people unconsciously hold onto grief in order to hold onto those they've lost, so if you find yourself stuck in sadness, anger, blame, depression, or even unforgiveness, reach out for support. There’s help. It's not easy...and you're not alone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feelin' the ahhhhhh...not the ugggggh.

Wow, it's been weeks since I've blogged! I was so excited to finally BE a blogger and here I've neglected my blogging in the worst way. Actually, I've neglected quite a few things lately, which is unusual for me, especially  at the beginning of a new year. I'm typically raring to go after the long holiday off, but this year, I feel like I'm ever so gently eeaaaassing myself up off my laurels, like I'm recovering from a hip replacement!

No surgeries here...I have all my original parts...but I do feel as if I'm "energetically" recovering. 2010 was a very powerful, very challenging year for me. I healed aspects of myself I wasn't even aware were wounded! I dug in the dirt. I shifted. I sifted. I looked hard at parts of me that were hard to look at. I surrendered. I held strong. I grieved. I stretched...and I grew. I let go. And I grieved some more. And I loved...I loved a lot. I loved BIG. (and I still am!)

Yep, 2010 was a big year, emotionally and spiritually...and I'm tired. I've been waiting for my energy to kick-in, pushing (and judging) myself for being the un-motivated motivator, which has only made me more tired. It's a new YEAR after all...I should be movin' and shakin'! But feels more like jogging through tar. Apparently, I wasn't fully re-charged when the ball dropped. 

So...I've decided to trust instead of judge and I've been resting. Rejuvenating. Reading. Creating. Pampering myself a little more than usual, doing those things that feed my Soul and my spirit. Even in writing this, I feel lighter and more enthusiastic! I love to write. I love creating new things (especially from old things). I love transformation. I love being healthy and strong, and moving my body. What's important right now is balance, and I know how to do that!  Simply DO WHAT I LOVE every day. Not at the end of the day when everyone else has already been served, but first thing...first breath...first intention. Honor My Self. Honor God.

This morning I slept in, went to a session with my healer, made myself breakfast, and went to yoga. I had a do-to list as long as my arm and guess what? I still do! But now I feel good...and the energy and peace I gained from those couple of hours spent honoring my Self (without the guilt!) will go a long way in accomplishing my work today. That feels better already. Rather than the uggggh I've been dragging around, I'm starting to feel the ahhhhhh. 

Balance is a beautiful thing!

Monday, January 10, 2011

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