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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Who Are YOU?

Me?  “I am healer. I am teacher. I am mother, daughter, wife. I am student. I am sage. I am friend and I am fiend. I am sarcasm. I am laughter. I am protector. I am enemy. I am a lioness, warrioress, sister, I am Goddess. I am a shrew. I am a muse. I am a witch. I am a mystic. I am the vessel and I am the water. I am fire. I am earth. I am destruction and I am love. I am shadow and I am light. I am here. I am now. I am free.” ~Kate Bares-Johnson © 2010

I wrote this piece about a year ago…or should I say, it wrote itself. It just showed up and demanded to be written out loud. I don’t argue when this happens, I just open a page and write. What I realized after writing it was that my Self was integrating…my Soul was shining through, begging me to lay down the judgment and wrap my arms around the all of me. Oh, there’s plenty more, but this is all that came through at the time, so I printed it out and tacked it above my desk…RIGHT above my desk, so I see it every day.

You know how that goes: You write something on your bathroom mirror so you’ll see it every morning and then you stop “seeing” it at all because it just becomes part of the mirror, right?

RIGHT! As in EXACTLY RIGHT and it’s perfect, because the words are going into your unconscious mind over and over again, even when you don’t realize you’re seeing them. This is precisely what happened with this piece, hanging faithfully above my computer, right where I look when I’m waiting for thought to form, every day. Twenty or thirty times a day, I see these words. For over a year now I’ve seen them every day and didn’t realize I was even reading them anymore. 

And today, I feel very different than I did a year ago. Today I believe them, and I honor them and cherish them, because they ARE me. The light and the dark, the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly…it is all me! What a relief this is after the years I spent keeping so many aspects of my Self hidden, even to me. But I’m here. I’m now. And I’m finally free to be me.

How long and diligently have you worked on discarding, changing, hiding or healing aspects of Self you’ve deemed unworthy or undesirable? What if you’ve been working on something that doesn’t need fixing? Not that we don’t all have room for improving, but perhaps the "problem" is not a problem at all, but rather, an aspect of Self that is divinely and uniquely True for you?

Who/what are you waiting to become? Whomever/whatever you aspire to be is who/what you already ARE! The one who's calling, pulling, pushing, tugging, nagging...that is the YOU who longs to live on the outside...right here, right NOW! You may find you need help or guidance to retrieve and bring forth this authentic, unabridged Self, but it’s not difficult at all when you have good support and appropriate tools. In fact, it’s so much easier (and more fun!) to be who you ARE than trying NOT to be something you’re not. Ahhh...dig into THAT and see what treasures you find!

You are here. You are now. And you ARE free…if you choose to be!