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Friday, February 10, 2012

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Ah, February…the month of LOVE! Valentine’s Day is a day we celebrate love and romance, although for some, it’s anything but a celebration. For those who are lonely, sad, or empty…even those in relationship…it can be excruciating. You don’t see cards about that, or people celebrating their “aloneness”, because we tend to think of being alone as being lonely and unloved. But what if it’s not? Not that it doesn’t feel that way at times, but what if our relationship with Self is the most Divine, intimate relationship of all? What if this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in partnership or not, you decided to be your own Valentine?!

Oh, you can keep the one you have, too, but this is about loving yourSelf like none other can. If you were loving yourSelf the way you long to be loved, how would you express it? What if you spend as much time finding that “just right” card for yourSelf as you would for someone else? Buy it, sign it with love, stamp it and send it to yourSelf. You’ll be surprised how you feel when you open it! Spend some time writing down the things you love and admire about yourSelf, including gratitude for all the ways in which you’ve been there (for YOU) no matter what. Give yourSelf a gift, whether bought or created, that will nurture and nourish your Soul and indulge your senses. Give as much thought to what would make you happy as you’d like someone else to and then, DO that thing. And then do it again the next day, and the next day, and the next. 

This Valentine's Day, practice loving yourSelf the way you want to be loved and get ready for the best relationship of your life! It will take commitment. It will take good communication. It will take trust, and faith, and surrender, but it will come. Yes, it feels good when others love us, but it’s not until we love ourSelf…truly, madly, deeply…that we know true love.