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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Never EVER Hide Your Feathers!

“She grew tired of hiding her true nature and decided to go ahead and outshine them all. Her outrageous beauty astounded them! She’s never quite been the same…only better.”
~Kate Bares-Johnson

So many of us have learned to hide who we are in order to cope with (perceived) judgment from others, whether that be from actual experience or from what we were told. We may have been brought up in an environment where we were expected to be “good” or “quiet” or “perfect” in order to hide our flaws, be accepted, or fit in….or perhaps we were told not to brag or get “too full of ourselves”, for fear we would appear arrogant or conceited about our beauty or talent. We may not have even been verbally told, but perhaps we witnessed enough of others’ communication and behaviors to make some (unconscious) decisions about how to “be” or “not be” in the world. Even in the most loving of families, most of us developed enough negative, false beliefs about ourselves to cause us to question our Self-worth and hide who we are for fear of rejection and judgment. We may have gotten out of balance in our efforts to stay in hiding and developed unhealthy behaviors, such as addictions and codependency. And now…as adults, we have outlived those false beliefs, but the behaviors have become habitual and we’ve now turned to the task of finding and retrieving our original, authentic Self.

If I’ve just described your life…WELCOME! You’re right on time.

This is not about blaming our parents or our childhood, but rather, it’s about recognizing that somewhere along the way we did what every human does…whatever we had to, to get love and acceptance. We figured out how to blend in rather than stand out, which we thought would keep us safe, secure, accepted and connected to other humans. Only problem is, we slowly disconnected from our true Self in the process. We not only learned to judge our humanness, but also to hide our Divinity…our magnificence! If we believed that veiling our flaws would make us more lovable, it’s very likely we also believed that celebrating our BEAUTY (inside AND out) would make us arrogant and make others uncomfortable. However, nothing could be farther from the truth!

Okay, let me rephrase. Some things might actually be farther from the truth. There are some people who are envious, jealous, and uncomfortable around people who are bright and shiny, but only because they can see themselves in the reflection. Their discomfort is due to their own longing to BE WHO THEY TRULY ARE, but the ego demands they continue to stay in hiding. The reality is, there are few things more inspiring and inviting than a person who shows up in their most authentic Self, neither hiding nor proving, but simply BEING. We are drawn into their energy because we recognize their Soul; an unencumbered freedom and willingness of expression, and it reaches in and touches something deep inside us. It shakes our Soul awake.

So, yes, yes, YES it’s okay to be true to your Self. Not just okay, but necessary that you never EVER hide your feathers! We’re here to thrive and experience WHO WE TRULY ARE and we must be willing to risk it to come fully alive…not only for ourselves, but for the planet. When any one of us lives out loud, we create a safe and sacred space for others to do the same. We inspire passion and creativity, love and kindness, strength and courage. We invoke Truth and integrity and hope. We empower others to heal and grow, and find purpose in their living, too! We make waves and we make ripples and we have no idea how far reaching they are. So please, promise me that you’ll never EVER hide your feathers, dear one. You have no idea the impact you have in the world, just by being YOU! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm Here for the DANCING!

Enough is enough. We EACH have a choice to dance or to remain crippled by our unforgiveness. Today, I make a vow:

I'll not spend another blessed moment of my precious time on Earth attempting to sooth a wounded, angry ego that refuses to be free. Yes, that one…there. The dark mangled one that remains in the cage with the door swung wide, demanding to be coaxed out with fresh meat to sink its rotted teeth in; the one pretending to be quiet, festering in its own miserable consequence and unholy blame. 

NO! My Spirit will not be gnawed upon again. I'm not here for the feeding. I'm here for the DANCING! And the LOVING…and the LIVING! Don't dare ask me to pity that monster! How could I pity such a beautiful beast? It clearly feels at home in its own madness. It is neither broken nor bleeding, but still cowers in that wretched, hostile stench, unwilling to see itself in the light…unwilling to feel the sun on its face and the grass on its belly. Unwilling to forgive. 

I have no pity for that choice, and no more time to waste in the waiting. I’m here for the dancing. And dance I SHALL!