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Monday, September 25, 2017

What's Your “WHY”?

I have big news to share with you! As some of you may remember, I declared myself on official hiatus from retreats for 2017. After 20+ years of producing and facilitating 6-8 healing retreat intensives per year, it took a few life-changing events to nudge me out of that particular nest, but this past 7 months have confirmed that it was indeed, the right time! I love, love, love my work, but sometimes we have to STOP before we can BEGIN the next thing. I didn't know what that next thing was until it recently crystallized right in front of me.

To give you a bit of the back-story, when my husband Jim and I began our courtship, we both had a sense that we were called to do something together; something bigger than a relationship and life partnership. We had no idea what that was or how we would combine our gifts and talents...mine in the healing field for over 25 years and his as a headhunter/recruiter for nearly 30...but we trusted we'd be shown the way when the time came. It did and we were. It was like bouncing around in a bubble-suit for a while, which was both exhilarating and terrifying, but we have resilience if we have anything, and here we are! (more on that later)

Jim's super-power is his true heart of service. For as long as I've known him, he has dreamed of a place where Veterans and Families could receive the support and healing they truly need and deserve. As a Marine Corp veteran himself, he is fully aware of the challenges our service members have with reintegration and recovery of Self. For the past 4 years, has worked as a Certified Peer Specialist in the Williamson County Veterans' court and Travis State Jail Veteran Re-entry dorm, as he's continued in various levels of training, coaching and certification programs to broaden his base of knowledge and experience. He was also involved in several Veteran based non-profits during this time, which helped him hone in on his own vision of the type of organization he wanted to create; a place that would provide support and assistance to Veterans and their loved ones through integrative therapies, healing/wellness modalities and most importantly, peer-to-peer community.

All this was happening while I was healing and recovering from breast cancer, winding down my retreat schedule, getting my Soul Realignment, Nia, and HealthRhythms Drumming certifications as new offerings in my Soul Integration know, those things I never had time for before. Something happens when you've been in a battle for your life (or your partners' life). Everything shifts and mortality is suddenly a very real thing. No time to waste “deciding” to live. You ARE living and time is precious. That's when it happened, I think. We emerged victorious from 2016, alive, well and very grateful, and shortly after in February, Jim took a courageous leap of faith and applied for (and received) 501c3 non-profit status. Just like that, Code VI Veteran Integration Center was born!

Since then, it's been a whirlwind of learning, experience and growth as we've navigated the waters of the non-profit world, keeping our truest intention constant, which is to Ignite the Spark of Hope and Resilience in Veterans & Families. It was obvious early on that not only is Jim stepping into his Divine purpose that he's been called to his whole life, but this is the “what” we sensed we would do together. The unfolding and marrying of our best gifts, talents and experiences in service to others has been as organic as our courtship was. We “knew”; even if we didn't know we knew.

Oh, but that's not all! As if this wasn't a huge enough endeavor, when he founded Code VI, we simultaneously started a private-label coffee company,, with the intent to donate 50% of coffee profits to Code VI Veterans! We LOVE coffee (and it's GOOD coffee!) and it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, but it didn't take long to realize this too, is a full time prospect and our energy to do both started dwindling. So, we did what we know to do: we stepped back, remembered our “why” and asked for guidance. Guidance came, the decision was made, and we are currently in the process of merging the two (which seems like a no-brainer now). This not only enables us to focus on what's most important, but will allow us to now offer 100% of our coffee profits to Code VI Veterans...a win all the way around!

What it gives YOU is
  1. A place to receive support and assistance if you are a Veteran, active service, or family member.
  2. An impactful, tax deductible way to give back to our service members, and/or
  3. Some really, REALLY good coffee (that 100% supports Veterans' healing and integration).

So, why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to KNOW! Not just about our mission, but your own. I had no idea we'd be doing this a year ago! It happened because we were willing. We didn't know the how or the when, but by listening and trusting guidance, engaging in the process, and exploring what we felt drawn to (instead of holding tight to what we already knew), we were directed and aligned with the right people, places and things that brought Code VI to fruition.

Whatever it is you're dreaming of, let it have it's way with you. It can and will happen the moment you STOP and let it BEGIN. Don't let go of your nudge or your feel good; just let go of how it happens. Step back, remember your “why” and ask for Guidance. Don't ever give up on that! Explore. Listen. Ask questions. Immerse yourself in those things and with those people who are doing what you want to do, or something like it. Ask for help from a coach or mentors, but remember...only YOU can do it YOUR way ! Let us know if we can help. We're cheering you on and can't wait to see what you create!

While you're letting that percolate, (pun intended!) go check out what we're up to, give if you feel moved to, and/or get yourself some delicious Code VI Resilience Blend Coffee! and (soon to be one and the same!)